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Real Estate Doesn’t Allow Any Other to Share the Top Campaigns’ Trophy; We’re Talking Full Acquiring

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This month is an interesting one. And when we say interesting, we mean it! Here's a hint... All you will read about is real estate.

 This month real estate industry is occupying the first ten spots leavingtelecommunicationsandhealthcarebehind with a huge gap. 

The winner for this month isD.O.S.Eby akam ALRAJHI with its recent campaignDOSE OF HAPPINESS AT SAHELwith the sum of 105 ad faces.

Moving to the second winner of the monthly race went to Marseilia Group's Marseilia beach 5with a total of 91 faces; the campaign's message was "A SEA THAT RESTORES THE SOUL" to promote the real estate company's newest project.

Before moving to the 3rd place, let's mention that the previous top campaign for June was the opposite of July's, as it was an exciting mix between healthcare, telecommunications, and our usual guest, real estate. 

Back to our monthly run down, the 3rd place went toAZHAbyMadaar Development, the latest campaign, "NORTH'S TRUE ESSENCE SPELLBINDING RAS EL HEKMA," with a total of 89 ad faces.

It's worth mentioning that the previous three campaigns are new campaigns. On the contrary, the next campaign is AZZAR ISLAND, with 88 ad faces. But the only difference between this one and the previous one is this one is an ongoing campaign, and only one ad face difference to take it to the 4th spot. The winning campaign ofReedy Groupwas "Own Your Beach."

Last but not least, the 5th campaign was NOOR CAPITAL GARDENS' YOUR SMART CHOICE FOR NEW LIFE with 79 faces.

As you can notice, the top 5 were for real estate; from the 6th to the 13th were also real estate till Vodafone came on the 14th spot to break the real estate chain of winning.

That's not all! We have more interesting insights! Get more numbers through July's market insights graph at:

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Advertiser: INSITE OOH

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

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