American casual dining restaurant and sports bar franchise Buffalo Wild Wings rises on UAE’s DOOH scene for the first time, featuring a new awareness campaign.  

The American foodservice brand’s headquarter is located in Georgia, USA, with franchises across the globe, including India, Mexico, Panama, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Buffalo Wild Wings is known for its signature flavorful wild wings and an array of sauces while at the same time creating a movie-like and unique experience for its visitors. The brand identity is also very distinctive with its bull with wings logo and the utilized yellow color. The new awareness campaign is extremely simple, mostly holding only the brand logo and name upon a black background in order to bring them towards the foreground, in addition to some subtle previews of their dishes. The ad copy notes the campaign catchphrase “WINGS, SPORTS, FUN.” which simply summarizes the Buffalo Wild Wings experience.   

The campaign is a fairly new one, having been dispersed on Dubai’s streets in the second week of August on digital screens.  

Campaign Credits

Industry: Foodservice

Brand: Buffalo Wild Wings

OOH Size: Digital Screen

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: #ThinkDOOH | Awareness Campaign

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