Beloved Amir Karara is back once again on Cairo’s Billboards showcasing Samsung’s high-end, unparalleled consumer electronics and TV sets. Following their prior appearance back in March, Samsung Egypt, as always, hosts baffling visuals of their products on their street billboards.  

Samsung’s new awareness campaign enables the audience to explore various TV models ranging from the Neo 8k QLED, The Frame, and more developed products like The Freestyle. Other than a visual of Amir Karara himself smiling and holding the remote that operates all his one-of-a-kind Samsung products, a visual of each of his TVs is displayed alongside the name of each model. Like the video advertising, the Frame holds an image of the worldly known Mona Lisa; in addition, the Freestyle projector is also placed in order to reflect the brand’s diversity when it comes to its TV portfolio. The video advertising also hosts comedians Mohamed Moula, Mahmoud El Sisi, Khaled Jwad, all while trying to steal Samsung’s brand ambassador, Amir Karara’s precious TVs. The ad copy notes the campaign phrase in Arabic, which translates to “With Samsung TVs… You will see what you have never seen before”. The ad spaces are incredibly eye-catching and enticing to the audience, making them desire Samsung’s extensive options.  

Alright, since we’re speaking about Samsung’s current campaign, It’s an excellent chance to feature the reason for bringing that beauty up, Look Advertising agency.
A small history overview of Look Advertising, it’s one of the oldest advertising agencies in Egypt, it’s not only the oldest but it proven to be a leading advertising agency since 1980.
The success of Look Advertising agency didn’t come out as a coincidence; Dr. Hazem Dera, Chairman & CEO, is a significant caliber in the marketing industry that has a great influence in the Egyptian market. Also, Mr. Tarek Dera, head of VP Planning of the advertising magnate, Look Advertising. In addition to the impeccable team behind the out-of-home milestones, we witness daily.

One Point Worth Mentioning is that the Campaign is Displayed on Zayed Digital Boards as a Digital Screen along with other Displays in Multiple Locations.    

Want to know more about Samsung’s new campaign location, budget, strategy, and more, you may take a look at our Egypt and The Emirates OOH-dedicated analysis system and Media Intelligence platform (MOOH).

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Industry: Consumer Electronics


Advertiser: SAMSUNG Egypt

OOH Agency: Look Advertising

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Amir Karara | Awareness Campaign | Brand Ambassador | The Frame TV | The Freestyle | Neo QLED 8k | #ThinkDOOH | Zayed Digital Boards (ZDB) | Mohamed Moula

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