Caffè Nero, the foodservice brand with impeccable coffee, drinks and food, has shown up on Dubai’s advertising platforms to announce their new Iced Bumblebee Coffee. Their previous campaign was to promote their summer flavors. 

Nothing says summer like a refreshing, cool drink, and Caffè Nero is here to provide just that! The Iced Bumblebee Coffee is both fruity and energizing, with its mix of orange juice and coffee for that perfect, summer-y taste to kick off your morning. The tall glass of Iced Bumblebee Coffee is the star of the billboards, with its thirst-quenching and invigorating trademark. The orange and yellow accents of the visuals leave the taste of oranges in viewers’ mouths, similar to the drink they are proudly showing off. Behind the glass, there’s a peek of an orange as well, showcasing the ingredients. 

The new, limited campaign has hit Dubai’s scene on uni-poles in the second week of August. 

Campaign Credits

Industry: Foodservice

Brand: Caffè Nero

OOH Size: Uni-Pole

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Awareness Campaign

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