New Generation Developments launched their latest coastal project 'L'Hiver,' which is expected to offer the "Same old, but better" experience.  

Real estate developer NGD, also founded by Assem Fadel, the rapidly progressing individual and creator, has launched L'Hiver to offer their audience the same cherished experiences they cannot live without but better and grander. L'Hiver is the summer home you grew to love every year but modernized; it's the same beach fascinating beach that holds your most precious memories but is prettier. It's the Same Old But Better. The new launch ad spaces host abstract shots, bright blue pools, beautiful pink sunsets, and elegant side portraits. Using multiple color palettes adds a sense of drama and diversity to the ads to showcase the wide range of offerings L'Hiver provides. Each color is placed for a purpose, either to reflect tranquility and peace or boldness and sophistication. The ad copy notes the campaign slogan "Same Old, But Better," each word placed on a different shot in the ads. In Addition, L'Hiver New Alamein and NGD's logos are placed in each ad space, as well as their hotline 16135.      

Want to know more about L’Hiver’s new campaign location, budget, strategy, and more, you may take a look at our Egypt and The Emirates OOH-dedicated analysis system and Media Intelligence platform (MOOH).

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