Vodafone and Pepsi have partnered for a new campaign this month. Starring Egyptian singer Moustafa Amar and the Genie, the campaign offers Vodafone minutes when you drink Pepsi, or more Pepsi when you load Vodafone credit. Certainly an attractive promotion!
This is not the first time we see big brands partnering for a cross-selling of their products, but it is certainly one of the best examples in the Egyptian market.
The megas, Large and X-Large uni-poles portray Moustafa Amar carrying the genie in a backpack, and the genie carrying a Pepsi bottle. With an abstract city night-life background, the stars appear in the front ground and the logos of both brands in opposite sides of the ads with the wordplay slogans.

Load & Drink, and Drink & Load-00
Load & Drink, and Drink & Load-00

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