GAIA heats up summer with the launch of their new, exclusive phase, "Jasmine"! Al Ahly Sabbour announces this on Cairo's billboards after their previous campaign for the launch of the phase Camilla Lagos.  

GAIA North Coast is one of the most notable architectural works of art that Al-Ahly Sabbour has ever exhibited. It serves as an honorable facade on the Mediterranean coast, which is home to the world's most beautiful sea. Gaia breathes life into this promising region and creates a serene summertime mood. Those who want to take in the Greek-style sea view at one of the best resorts can visit Gaia to satisfy their craving.

Fairies could emerge from GAIA's outdoor advertisement from how enchanting the visuals are! The visuals spread this magical energy through blue seas that pull you in, a surfer heading to the waves glittering from a golden sun and a mystical woman with bohemian vibes standing amidst the greenery. An individual snapshot of a white-coated villa from Jasmine, with a private pool, baby lights, and palm trees, lights up the ad, as well. The ad copy entices audiences with "Sea of All Seas" and "Now Launching Jasmine." 

To learn more about Al Ahly Sabbour’s campaign, check out Monitoring Out of Home (MOOH), a specialized media intelligence firm and analytic system operating in Cairo & Dubai.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Real Estate

Brand: GAIA

Advertiser: Al Ahly for Real Estate Development

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign

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