After launching the Everyday Value offer back in January, Domino’s, the American multinational pizza chain, is back once again marketing the unmissable offer on UAE’s billboards. 

The Everyday Value deal offers UAE’s consumers the chance to purchase two or more medium pizzas for the value of 29 AED each, Everyday! Domino’s enchants the audience with the availability of the offer; therefore, customers can now enjoy Dominos’ flavorsome pizza every day, with no need to wait for special offers available on certain days only. The recurring campaign ad spaces host mouthwatering visuals of Dominos’ pizzas, made hot and fresh for people’s orders. The everyday value deal is noted clearly on the ad, alongside the brand’s website as a means for the audience to easily order and enjoy the offer. Dominos’ logo is strategically placed in the ad, as well as the constant use of their blue, red, and white colors in the ad design, to successfully reflect their brand identity. 

The campaign struck Dubai’s billboards in the first week of August upon mega-coms and lampposts.

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