IL Cazar Developments keeping up with their outdoor advertising campaign game, promoting once again NORD New Alamein since their very recent June 13th campaign.

Your gateway to relaxed living and stress relief is Nord New Alamein. To meet all of your demands and ensure that your time at Nord is top-notch, it is separated into various residential and commercial zones. Nord North Coast gives you a variety of fully finished single-family detached villas, twin and townhouses, and chalets.As for the amenities, they include a boutique hotel, Crystal Lagoon, a business district, a clubhouse, dining options, a gym and spa, and recreation spaces. 

An exclusive type of luxury to life by the sea, as the billboard mentions “NORD” reflecting waters meaning that people can have access to endless clear blue waters set against a backdrop of blue skies complemented by an exclusive clubhouse, private beach, indulging cuisine, and fresh swimmable lakes. Along with gorgeous snippets of the breathtaking NORD summer vibes visuals displayed in the ad. And ofcourse a call-to-action with their hotline for further inquiries. 

Learn more insights about NORD’s campaign through checking out Monitoring Out-of-home (MOOH), a specialist media intelligence agency and analytic system active in Cairo and Dubai.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Real Estate

Brand: NORD

Advertiser: IL Cazar Developments

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Branding Campaign

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