Crescent International Group's Investo is here to promote its services on Dubai's roadmap.

Investo is one of the leading investment firms and financial services in the UAE. And it has been around since 1978 to get the investment's competition up and running.

The campaign appears with two messages. The first one appears as a question; the question is enough to seize our attention and make us wonder what the brand has to offer. "what is the best investment in Dubai?" reflects the brand's self-confidence. 

The second message that appears on the wall wrapping is "invest in the best lease-hold properties in Dubai," which we find very powerful. Especially when the message starts with the call-to-action "invest." The artwork for both versions of the ad is very sleek and clean. It has promising real estate that you may have the chance to invest in.

The limited campaign invaded Dubai's streets on the third week of June, displayed on hoarding and wall wrapping.

The Art & Science of OOH

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