Warner Bros World rises on UAE’s OOH Scene, parading Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, flaunting the title “World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park.”

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi offers the opportunity to get transported to awesome worlds of action and adventure, whimsy and wackiness straight out of your favorite cartoons and movies! The theme park’s ad spaces hold the title “The World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park” also translated to Arabic, noting “المدينة الترفيهية الداخلية الأكبر عالمياً”. The billboards host Warner Bros’ dearly beloved and cherished characters, ranging from Superman, The Green Lantern to To The Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry, accompanied by a visual of some of the rides at the indoor theme park. The billboards background color is blue, which symbolizes trust and expertise that Warner Bros surly holds. The ad copy also informs the audience that Children can enter the theme park free of charge this summer, noting “دخول الاطفال مجاني هذا الصيف”. The ads are extremely inviting and vibrant, tempting the audience and their young to come and enjoy a bewildering experience at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. 

The campaign was released in the second week of July on Dubai’s OOH prime spots in the form of Unipoles, Hoardings and Digital Screens.  

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