Following their appearance promoting their 100% Fresh Arabica Beans, and with the hot weather approaching, McDonald’s lights up UAE’s billboards with a new McCafé’s refreshing Iced Lattes campaign.

McCafé’s new OOH Campaign feature showcases their delicious, flavorful Iced Lattes upon their usual yellow background, accompanied by the Mcdonald’s logo. The yellowish-orange background is usually used as it is considered a visible color, especially when placed against black. Additionally, the yellow reflects McCafé freshness while offering you a brilliant way to cool down in this hot weather, made with espresso and cold milk, mixed with your choice of flavor, including Caramel and Vanilla. Another message included in this campaign mentioned the new addition to the McCafé menu this summer, that being the delicious pineapple smoothie, which has been described by McDonald’s themselves as a work of art. Lastly, the summer drinks are available in 3 sizes, small, medium, and large. 

The campaign is relatively new, spotted on Dubai’s billboards during the second week of July on uni-poles, lampposts, digital screens, and bridge billboards.  

The Art & Science of OOH

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