Numbers are the universal language to run through all the facts. Thus, welcome to our monthly talk of market insights out-of-home advertising edition.

Let’s rebut and crunch some numbers. As usual, real estate is winning the first spot undisputedly in the OOH race, and it came out as 2737 faces and 45.4% of the market’s strength. It’s a remarkable increase compared to May’s statistics which was 35% and 1846 ad faces. And a dramatic increase compared to April’s percentage, which was only 25% which is almost double. As we just said, Real estate won that one beyond doubt. And the explanation for this increase is summer, a high season for real estate markets as the demand always grows faster and more competitive.

The second place was for telecommunication, with a total of 669 ad faces or 11.1% of the whole market’s occupancy, which returned to the same percentage it had back in the April/Ramadan season.

When it comes to the 3rd spot, it went to the Healthcare industry with 465 faces and 7.7% of the total OOH tenure. The interesting part is in the previous market insights; the 2nd and 3rd spots were reversed, meaning healthcare came in second and telecommunications came in third. Seems like the competition is heating up between both industries. 

Last but not least, an overall review of the new VS existing campaigns. Our numbers show that the market welcomed 67 new campaigns, which is almost 47.2%, while the running campaigns are 75 new campaigns. And a total of 142 total campaigns in the OOH market.

According to the data and statistics extracted from our sister company MOOH, it has shown that the market occupancy was 72.2% in May, leaving behind 27.8% of the OOH spaces available for accepting new campaigns.

We are happily determined to keep tracking, monitoring, and analyzing the Out-of-Home advertising market in Egypt, revealing the behind-the-scenes of Cairo’s most prominent campaigns, stalking all the brands, advertisers, and innovations happening on Greater Cairo’s outdoor playground. You can browse the Top 20 Campaign’s Rankings via:

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