It’s time to run down the top campaigns for June 2022.

After discussing the numbers of the market insights, we need to run down in detail which campaign won the OOH scene. So keep reading to know which campaigns won the race of the top campaigns in June 2022

In a surprise appearance, the entertainment industry won the first spot when it comes to ad faces. To be more specific, Disney+ was the entertainment dark horse of the month occupying 88 ad faces. The campaign was promoting the launch of the Disney+ platform in the MENA region.

The second place was going to the real estate industry. This is no surprise as real estate is always joining the top campaigns race. The real estate contender was TRAVE, with the sum of 84 ad faces. This campaign was on Greater Cairo’s roads under the message of “joyful business” to promote units in the first business complex in the New Capital.

The 3rd space went rightfully to the eCommerce industry, Jumia to be specific; with the appearance of the influencer Khaled Jwad as a brand ambassador, the eCommerce website/app was celebrating ten years anniversary, and with their celebration, the application offered some epic deals. The brand was occupying the market with 79 ad faces. It’s worth mentioning that Jumia’s campaign is ongoing after a teaser campaign in May.

Last but not least, the 4th spot went to another real estate racer to make real estate occupy two spots in the top 5 campaigns of June. The brand was Alqamzi Developments to win 73 ad faces on the OOH sitemap. 

That’s not all; we have more interesting insights! Get more numbers through June’s market insights graph at:

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