The latest movie of the heartthrob, Tamer Hosny, is finally released. The new Movie 2022 is a light comedy with a love story that will make you shed a tear or two. The movie will make you laugh as Tamer Hosny will throw a joke or two to make it the light movie that we have loved since Omar & Salma.

It's worth mentioning that the movie has huge names; the lady with whom the star has the love story is the beautiful Hannah El Zahed. There are also huge talents featured in the movie, such as Huda El Mufti, Hamdy El-Merghany, and others.

The billboard is not giving us any details about the movie as the stars' faces show with the title of the movie "بحبك" or in English "I Love You" in red. 

It’s worth mentioning that the movie has no age restrictions. It’s family-friendly in case you’re looking for an entertaining family activity.

If you think that's all about "Bahebak" campaign, think again! We have in-depth analysis regards the campaign budget, locations, and media plans through our platform MOOH the ooh intelligence data provider for Cairo and Dubai.

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