National Bonds Corporation takes over Dubai's OOH Arena with their new strong awareness campaign featuring multiple messages. Following their prior appearance, Dubai's investment corporation brings it on again with fantastic opportunities and rewards. 

The new National Bonds promotional campaign features multiple messages, all introducing unmissable advantages to UAE's audience. The first is the excellent Booster 22% Titanium Returns, which grants the audience the opportunity to start saving from AED 10,000 and earn 22% in expected returns in just five years. The ad spaces for this message host a die-cut of a titanium 22% against a cracking ground, reflecting how significant this 22% in returns is. In addition, the ad copy notes "Titanium Returns From National Bonds," also translated to "عوائد تيتانيوم من الصكوك الوطنية". The second ad space presents the audience with National Bond's Reward Programs, which have recently become even more exciting due to AED 35 million in rewards to be won every year. The ad space also notes "35,000,000", the 35 being a die-cut, in addition to the phrase "We Reward Savers," which is translated to "نكافئ المدخرين." The reward amount is also designed to be filled with confetti in celebration of the awardees. Lastly, the final ad space encourages UAE's audience to Save/ادخار, Invest/استثمار, Prosper/ازدهار through National Bonds Corporation. Every message is noted in white on a darker background to call attention to the message and rewards, using mockups to create a more creative campaign.

The creative campaign was released in the second week of July on bridge billboards in the UAE.    

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