Summer in Abu Dhabi hits different. All you could want and wish for is right there. And no you won't run out of things to do over the summer because there are so many locations to go, activities to do! has made its second presence since its last 2020 “fun is just a drive away” campaign. 

The visuals give a glimpse of the fun activities VisitAbuDhabi provides, from experiencing the stomach-lurching speed of 240km on a rollercoaster to testing your limits at over 200km/h on a Formula 1™ race track, these high adrenaline activities in Abu Dhabi will create lifelong memories that give you an adrenaline rush like scaling the world’s tallest indoor climbing wall and freefalling in the world’s tallest indoor skydiving flight chamber. And the last visual is Abu Dhabi’s famous freediving. If anyone's looking for an Abu Dhabi adventure on your next holiday, definitely it’s their destination. A catchy phrase used in the ad copy “Summer like you mean it” “صيفك معنا احلى” to give more encouragement for people to visit Abu Dhabi’s special summer experience. 

The campaign has hit Dubai’s billboards in the last week of July as hoarding boards.

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