Dubai Destinations has launched a new OOH campaign all over Dubai, which will run through the end of August, inviting locals and visitors to explore the city's numerous leisure, eating, adventure, and family-friendly activities that make Dubai a unique summer destination. The previous campaign promoted visiting Dubai back in January of the current year.

The #DubaiDestinations campaign emphasizes the city's great summer experiences, encouraging individuals to spend an unforgettable summer in the emirate. The program was introduced in December 2021 and is in line with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's goal of making Dubai the best city in the world to live and travel in.

The billboards showcase all the different activities that Dubai provides, wondering, "Have you ever dived with the sharks in Atlantis?", "Have you seen turtles beside Burj Al Arab?", "Have you tried the flyboard?", "Have you ridden the fastest roller coaster at Dubai Hills Mall?", "Have you met the penguins at the Dubai Mall?", and "Have you visited the Green Planet?", all with accompanying visuals of each exhilarating experience. 

From swimming in a bottomless abyss to a giddy child with a penguin to an uber-green wilderness that calls out your name, the visuals are a sight to behold. To reinforce their claim, the tagline emphasizes "Dubai… The best city to live in" on various images of Dubai's diverse beauty spots and attractions.

The new campaign unfolded on Dubai's roads in the first week of July on uni-pole, hoarding, lampposts, mega com and wall wrappings.

The Art & Science of OOH

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