O west of Orascom Development just made a new appearance in Cairo's OOH grid again. It's not so long ago since the project's last appearance

The current campaign is here to promote the latest phase of O west "Hill side bliss villas "is launched now. The artwork of the billboards is very promising as it shows different shots of various landscapes of the real estate company's latest project as a preview of what you will get while living there. 

We've noted that the campaign doesn't talk much. Very few words on the billboards to allow the eye to pay more attention to the exquisite landscapes of the new project. All you'll find is the logo of the company, the hotline, the phase's name, and it's launching now. The direction is brilliant as the brand avoids overfeeding the audience with too much information that may cause distraction.

If you think that's all about O West campaign, think again! We have in-depth analysis regards the campaign budget, locations, and media plans through our platform MOOH the ooh intelligence data provider for Cairo and Dubai.

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