Sinai University has taken over significant spots in Cairo’s OOH scene, announcing the opening of admission to the new academic year marking 16 years since its establishment within its field of pioneering the educational process.

The ad CTA urged remarkable educational environment seekers to apply within the hotline 19050 and start their admission process.

Using a Blue coloured theme reflecting the calmness and tranquillity of Sinai’s Peninsula, It also numerated several facilities within the university, including 50 Faculty of Pharmacy labs, 11 labs for the Faculty of Physical Therapy as well as 12 dental clinics, 387 Engineering drawing stations, 128 Business Administration lecture halls, 9 Information and Technology computer labs and 400 facilities for Mass Communication, all ready to serve the need of educational quality seekers in Egypt and neighbouring countries. 

Sinai University was established refereeing to the presidential decree number 363 for the year 2005 in accordance to provisions of law number 101 the year 1992 regarding private Universities, which was replaced by law number 12 the year 2009 regarding private and civil Universities and its executive regulations issued by the presidential decree number 302 for the year 2010. it currently evolves two campuses in Arish and Kantara cities.

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Industry: Education

Brand: Sinai University

Advertiser: Sinai University

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign

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