e& is here to make everything possible to empower people and organizations to march into a new era of significant telecom technology. The telecom tycoon is here to make an important contribution to the telecom industry by partnering with large organizations and governments, believing in ideas to build a brighter future, and creating whatever it takes to give you the boost you want to accomplish what you believe in.

You may wonder what happened to the old Etisalat with its remarkable logo and primary colour that you mentally visioned once you read those words. 

It’s the first appearance of the brand after that pivotal change in its identity, as its last appearance was in May 2022.

The story behind this change is simply e& “Formerly known as Etisalat group” introduced Etisalat in a newer and fresher look let alone more services and way better reception for sure!

The Emirati e& was founded on 1976 and pioneered to introduce of new technology to make people’s lives easier and smoother.

About the artwork, it gives what the wondering eye is looking for from the new logo to introducing us to a new planet that sends the message to the audience that we’re about to start a new Era With etisalat by e&.

The message of the campaign has the same rebranding vibes to it. As the telecom conglomerate announces, “now it’s a part of a bigger world” to promise us a significant change.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Telecommunication

Brand: Etisalat Misr

Advertiser: e&

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Rebranding Campaign

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