With a new campaign from NBD and Noon, the UAE OOH scene and specifically in Dubai was celebrating Father’s Day in a very special way. We always get excited every time we notice a campaign of Emirates NBD. And speaking of excitement. Dubai’s previous campaign was nothing less excited than this current one as it was promoting a very thrilling competition last January. In the current OOH campaign, the famous bank decided to celebrate Father's Day, while you’re using your Emirates NBD card, you’ll get 21% off on your purchases from the eCommerce platform. 

The billboard has a very touching visual of a father and his son in a very warm moment while both are bonding. And both brands are shown on both sides of the billboard and Noon’s famous yellow is peeking through the primary color of Emirates NBD's dark blue to confirm the collaboration between both brands.
It’s worth mentioning that the campaign is displayed on bridge billboards and digital screens on Dubai roads.

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