Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) climbs UAE’s billboards celebrating 25 years of summer surprises in Dubai. Following their prior appearance, showcasing the Big Eid Eat campaign, DSS is back honoring their 25th edition milestone with sizzling sales and events from the city’s most cherished retailers.

Other than noting the campaign slogan “25 Years of Surprising You”, the ad copy mentioned the dates of which the amazing deals and promotions commence, that being from the 1st of July to the 4th of September 2022. The audience is informed of the dates of which they can “celebrate, Experience, Shop” from their favorite malls, with the best offers in town, accompanied by the best sources of entertainment the city has to offer for them and their families. The ad space extends the summer vibes to the audience, as well as giving off a positive vibe and energy in hopes of luring them into the peculiar experience Dubai Summer surprises offers. The ads host a happy family enjoying their visit and all of what DSS has to offer. Lastly, the brand’s instagram handles and hashtags are subtly mentioned. 

The campaign struck Dubai Roads in the third week of June on Digital screens.

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