Latest OOH campaign from Coca-Cola looks a lot like a tourist promotion of Egypt’s major cities! Very different from the last OOH campaign we reported in January, this one will engage you even before you get thirsty!

With the slogan “Coca-Cola is better in…”, completed with the name of several Egyptian cities, the global brand has surprised us again removing their own logo and personalizing the cans and bottles with the cities’ names – Luxor, Alexandria, Al Fayoum.... A worldwide campaign that follows on the steps of the “Share a Coke” initiative from a couple of years ago (remember seeing your name in a can?), with which the brand won people’s hearts all over the world, as well as several advertising awards.

The ads of the Egyptian campaign show photos of the cities, next to a person drinking from a bottle or a can that has the slogan with the name of the city on it. The ad copy tells viewers to collect bottle caps and cans rings for the chance to win trips and millions of cans and bottles of the delicious drink!

Gates, double-decker poles, megas, and flags spread the new Coca-Cola campaign across the Greater Cairo. You’ll absolutely love it!

Latest Coca-Cola campaign promises to be engaging-00
Latest Coca-Cola campaign promises to be engaging-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Food & Beverages

Brand: Coca-Cola

Advertiser: Coca-Cola Egypt

OOH Size: Uni-Pole

Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Global Brand | North Africa

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