Sharjah Radio rises on the UAE’s OOH arena, promoting its radio shows. In 1972, Sharjah Radio was formally established. Its previous name was "The UAE Radio of Sharjah." The station celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2015 and adopted the name "Sharjah Radio" along with a new brand identity. Since its beginning, Sharjah Radio has solidified its reputation as an exceptional media outlet for current news and events.

Sharjah Radio lets it be known their frequency is “94.4 FM” on a purple and blue background. They list off their radio shows with a picture of their hosts, for “An Hour with the Radio”, “Mr. Evidence”, “Life’s Heartbeat”, “Fuala”, and “Your Path to Your Home”. The presenters included on the billboards are Seif El Rayes, Abdelaziz El Shamsy, Sheikhat El Matery, Mariam El Shahy, and more. To reflect the nature of the radio channel, an audio player symbolizes listening to Sharjah Radio on Youtube or Maraya.  

This new, limited campaign was seen in the first week of July on Hoarding billboards in Sharjah.

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