The electronics brand ASUS is here to announce a pivotal beautiful piece of art or, in other words, a new release of the famous Zenbook series, but this one is different than the previous releases. First of all, it’s the space edition. So expect a galactic, sleek, and shiny design that will make you cannot take your hand off of this attractive device. 

The billboard display came in two different versions, a digital screen and hoarding, the billboard display came in two different versions, digital screen and hoarding, and both are similar to each other when it comes to the message and how the new laptop is showcased. 

The primary color of the campaign is dark blue, which is, in advertising, famous for sending many hidden messages such as power, integrity, and knowledge, which are the values that ASUS offers.  

This is the first time ASUS announces this version of Zenbook. The ad copy announces that the laptop is coming with Windows 11. The ad's motto is very personalized and gives you the impression that the laptop can be easily personalized.

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