McDonald’s once again climbs UAE’s billboards with a flavorful new feature, following their prior showcase of McCafe’s awareness campaign. McDonald’s shows off their scrumptious Classics in their latest new campaign spread across Dubai’s billboards. 

McDonald’s Classics menu is deliciously displayed on the new campaign ad spaces, hosting mouthwatering visuals of the Big Mac, Big Tasty and the Double Cheeseburger. McDonald’s always strives for change through creating innovative new tastes for their customers, however, their Classics are their core, therefore they continue to bring spice and flavour through them. The ads sport McDonald’s traditional yellow background, accompanied by the McDonald’s red logo, as well as a subtle showcase of the Halal stamp. The ad copy notes the menu name “The Classics”, then they further elaborated that the Classics menu is “Hotter, Juicer and Tastier” than any other. 

The campaign struck Dubai’s OOH Arena in the second week of June on Lampposts and Uni-Poles. 

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