Caffè Nero's vision to create traditional Italian cafés across the globe is always prosperous. Their constant upgrades and beverage launches have always given the brand an edge when it comes to variety, and this summer, they are back with a new and innovative summer beverage launch.   

Caffè Nero launches campaign “Summer is Served,” which features the new drinks in the collection, The New refreshing Iced Bumblebee Coffee, The Watermelon Pomegranate Sparkler, Home Brewed Iced Tea, and the Coconut Bounty Chocolate Frappe. The mouthwatering visuals of the new beverages give off confounding summer vibes, entailing that truly summer is being served. The ad copy notes the drink names and the campaign slogan, upon summery colored backgrounds. The new collection offers a fruity, icy and refreshing summer experience all summer long. Whether you prefer your summer iced, sweet or bold, Nero Cafe offers it all. 

The campaign struck UAE’s billboards in the first week of June in the form of Uni-Poles, Lampposts and Hoardings. 

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