Welcome back, First Abu Dhabi Bank! It’s the first campaign after Ramadan one

This time, the outdoors campaign is about rewards. The main message revolves around cashback. The message is “transfer your salary and get cashback up to 5000 AED”, very tempting, right? We mean. Who doesn’t like some little present? 

About the visual, there are two parts we will discuss. First one is the color. The dark blue which is the signature color of First Abu Dhabi Bank is about exclusivity. The second part is the visual which is seems to be a father and a daughter having some family quality time. And of course, the message that we mentioned earlier in the article. It’s brilliant when a simple billboard delivers a valuable message of (exclusivity and warmth). It’s worth mentioning that the campaign is displayed as a bridge billboard in Dubai. Another interesting piece of information is First Abu Dhabi (FAB) have won best cash management bank in the UAE. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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