It Is Just for Jurassic Sized Bites, Hardee's named its new campaign, which was seen rocking the OOH scene in Dubai during the first week of June. it’s not something new on Hardee’s for instance you can check the restaurant’s last campaign

In the movie's marvelous link between Hardee's and Jurassic World Dominion, Hardees challenged mammoth-sized mouths to attempt to take a bite of their new Jurassic burger and chicken sandwiches with a flavorful presentation. The ad reflected the classic Hardee's theme with an attractive call-to-action to watch the movie Jurassic World Dominion, released earlier this month.

On the hoarding version of the outdoors campaign, there is a warning written in decent font size for the audience to read it. The copy is written brilliantly, as it's written in the form of a caution that grabs the audience's attention immediately. The copy says, "Caution: only monsters can handle the sandwich," to hint at how the sandwich is challengingly big.

It's worth mentioning that the OOH limited campaign is displayed on lampposts and hoarding in Dubai city.

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