The First and foremost global KFC is ruling the world of fried chicken, a hands-down fact. But to make things more brilliant, the OOH campaigns for the famous fried chicken tycoon are rocking the outdoor advertising world. Especially when we know that the current Cairo campaign is going hand in hand with Dubai’s campaign, both campaigns highlight the daily freshness of the served fried chicken. This is something that may concern a lot of fried chicken fans. The previous campaign was talking about the double wrap sandwich which was a kind of a different campaign topic.

For the copy of the OOH campaign. There is nothing a lot of universal restaurants are trying to say. They followed the “sweet and simple” style for this campaign as the billboard is a bucket with the famous logo of colonel sanders, and pieces of fried chicken are shown from the bucket with the message “prepared fresh daily”

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Foodservice

Brand: KFC

Advertiser: Americana Group

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Americana Group | Fresh | Global Campaign | KFC

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