Al Ansar International School is one of the most prestigious schools in Sharjah. And since the school's last campaign. We can notice a steady existence among the outdoor advertising moguls in Alsharjah.

This current OOH campaign revolves around safety. The campaign's main message is "We're not a school. We're a safe community for your children," which supports parents' trust in a great school like Al Ansar. 

In addition, the ad mentions that the school is using the British curriculum that's known internationally for how it provides a solid educational experience for your child.  

The main idea that the school is promoting, as we mentioned earlier, is "Safety" in different ways. The main one is the one we mentioned, the other version that appears on a lamp post is written in a comprehensive way which we appreciate. It appears as an MCQ question and gives the audience the option to choose from essential qualities and the smart part is the copy chose the "All of the Above" option to deliver to the audience that Al Ansar School won't compromise any of its qualities such as "safe community" "academic excellence, life skills or personal and professional development. One thing they should've avoided is to be word and make the ad a little simpler to make the message easier to deliver.

The campaign is all over Alsharjah Emirate and appears in 5 displays of outdoor advertising, which are (Uni-Pole - Lampposts - Rooftop billboard - Mega Com).

The Art & Science of OOH

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