Having been the provider of innovative Islamic financial services and products that comply with the Islamic Sharia across the UAE since 2006, Aafaq Islamic Finance rises on UAE’s billboards urging the audience Get The Aafaq platinum credit cards now, free for life. The Aafaq Platinum Credit Card is now everyone’s one-stop-shop for all spending needs. The card enables people to spend hassle-free with many secure features through contactless tap-and-pay technology.  

The awareness campaign features a life-size visual of the Aafaq platinum credit card urging people to “Get it Now” or “اطلبها الآن”. The ad copy notes the code “CC” which the audience can text to 6111 in order to apply for the Aafaq platinum credit card. The ad space colour palette reflects the brand identity and colours, blue and gold, which symbolize loyalty, trust as well as expertise and prestige.

The campaign struck on Dubai’s billboards in the first week of June in the form of Hoardings and Wall Wrapping.

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