It's never too late to talk about EL ARABY's father's day campaign. The brand's previous campaign wasn't anything less eye-catching than this one.

This campaign was celebrating father's day in the most touchingly way ever. The campaign's message was "a spitting image from you, thank you, father!" with the multiple versions of fathers looking proudly at their children; it varies from one-on-one ad version to a family man looking happy with his children. What we really like is how natural the pictures are. They are just like a random picture taken from a family's album, which was very convenient to the objective of the campaign.

A mention-worthy notice is the campaign came in double-decker, combination, 3 uni-pole, and double-decker in 6 locations in Cairo.

If you think that’s all about the EL ARABY campaign, think again! We have in-depth analysis regards Sharp’s campaign budget, locations, and media plans through our platform MOOH the ooh intelligence data provider for Cairo and Dubai.

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