UC Developments’ new project, “EAST TOWER” is a very tempting one to own a unit in the New Administrative Capital. Since the previous campaign was back in October last year and the project was going strong and decided to astound us with a new campaign.

The EAST TOWER will be 168 meters, around 40+ floors or more, and it will be one of the tallest buildings in Africa, according to the UC Developments website.

The ad copy is very eye-catching as the numbers are the most significant element of the billboard. The numbers are the down payment is 10% and the discount up to 35% when reserving your unit through EAST TOWER. It’s a well-known trick in advertising to show the number first to the audience to grab their attention. And we think it worked!

The rest of the ad shows a fancy tower in the middle of the billboard and on the right side, a slightly formal motto “commercial units with an investment horizon,” and the hotline number on the corner.

Discover more by visiting MOOHEgypt, and The Emirates OOH-dedicated analysis system and Media Intelligence about the EAST TOWER campaign budget, locations, and media plans.  

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