Jumia spreads joy on their birthday as they show up at Cairo’s OOH arena with comedian and star Khaled Jwad. In their last outdoors campaign, they publicized their free delivery across Egypt.  

In its traditional orange and light blue colour palette, Jumia attests to its brand identity. They announce that they’re offering deals in celebration of their birthday “starting from 12 June”, and sponsored by “Viu, Tornado, Dove, L’oreal”. The outdoors ad display Khaled Jwad dressed in bright, all-yellow and holding out a box from Jumia in his hands, filled to the brim, as they state “10 Years and Still Going”. They have new offers every day on everything, until the 3rd of July, with the best of deals and most enticing offers. Children are also featured in the visuals, celebrating Jumia’s birthdays with party hats, and two models holding out ice cream cones for the joyous occasion as well. 

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