It looks like the Super Limo is in high demand. The well-known Pizza Hut since its last campaign and it keeps on amazing us with its menu. The current campaign is about the Super Limo pizza, a long version of the classic delicious taste we know and love.

In case you’re new to the “Super Limo” club. Simply you will get a one-meter-long pizza with three different flavours plus other stuff.

When it comes to the ad it shows the content of the offer with the price. The ad won’t let you wonder for a long time. As on the billboard, it shows what you will get for 99 AED the rectangle pizza, 3 dips, side dish, and dessert. The offer’s name is displayed in Arabic and English on the right side. 

The Super Limo campaign is not new to Dubai streets. It’s been around for a while and it looks like the audience loves the offer. The famous campaign appears on hoarding, lamp posts, and mega com.

The Art & Science of OOH

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