Credit Financier Invest (CFI), the pioneer trading and broker, strikes again. Since the last campaign, the online trading graph has been going up, which encouraged the brand to develop a more robust campaign.

The choice of the brand ambassador is brilliant, especially when we know that the campaign’s message is revolved around “empowerment.”

The billboard campaign has two messages. The first one is “empowering traders” "نمكن المتداولين" with the appearance of Pep Guardiola, the renowned Spanish football legend, former player, and current manager of Premier League club Manchester City which makes the perfect sense to talk about empowerment with such an influential public figure as Guardiola. The second message is not very far from the same territory of empowerment as it appears on the billboards CFI simply asking the target audience to "steady your steps" "ثبت خطواتك" to provide the support system any financial trader may need.

The leading trading platform has announced the collaboration with Mr Guardiola back in May. The campaign is published as a DOOH campaign and also hoarding.

The Art & Science of OOH

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