After a long wait, Disney+ has finally launched in the UAE. Starting June 8th, people can now access Disney’s streaming services, packed with exclusive original content as well as thousands of movies and TV series from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. Disney plus’s launch campaign was spread out across the country, notifying the audience of their arrival in the market.

Disney tantalizes the audience with enchanting visuals and striking colors in their launch campaign. The varied campaign ad spaces host the main characters of multiple trending shows and movies, highlighting the extent of Disney’s movie and show portofolio, from cartoons like Encanto and Turning Red, to Drama shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Moonknight and OBI - WAN KENOBI. The ads call attention to the variety of content provided by Disney plus, especially the most popular ones like Alladin, Free Guy and The Lion King. Between each show or movie placed in the ad, there is a plus sign, emphasizing Disney’s range and diversity.

Other than introducing the titles and characters from roaring shows and movies, the ad copy notes the campaign slogan “More Than You’d Ever Imagine”, also written in Arabic “أكثر بكثير مما تتخيل ”. The campaign’s call to action encourages the audience to download the App and Watch Now, letting them know that the application is available on both the App Store and Google Play. The ads are extremely dynamic and spirited in the hopes of bringing the characters to life, and that is obtained by the use of a creative concept and die cuts, which are marvelously applied on the OBI - WAN KENOBI billboard. Lastly, Disney has specifically placed each of the show’s age ratings on the ad spaces.

The creative campaign struck Dubai’s Billboards in the first week of June in the form of Uni-Poles, Hoardings, Mega Coms, Lampposts and Digital Screens.    

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