After making Ramadan exceptional for customers by bringing special deals and bundles, Etisalat is back on Dubai’s OOH Scene featuring their ‘Together There’s Always More’ Campaign, encouraging people to connect, in hopes of a unified world. 

The campaign highlights Etisialat’s goal in bridging the gap between UAE’s humble roots and its objective to become one of the most digitally advanced and well-connected countries in the world. They hope to encourage people to do more together, and to share memories whether with friends, family, colleagues, or even strangers. The ad copy notes the campaign slogan both in English “Together there’s always more” and in Arabic ‘معاً هناك المزيد’. The ads host people of all ages sharing happy and exciting moments together, and feeling connected to their loved ones. The ads are simple and eye-catching, focusing on the emotional effect that will undertake the viewer. Lastly, the brand logo and slogan `Together Matters' are strategically placed in the ad, accompanied by the brand regular colour palette being utilized. 

The awareness campaign struck Dubai’s Billboards in the first week of June in the form of Bridge Billboards.

The Art & Science of OOH

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