The telecommunication brand Du soars on the UAE’s billboards with all-new power plan deals. After their last appearance on Dubai’s OOH scene also highlighting their power plans, Du offers dazzling power plans one time after another. These exciting offers are for a limited time, with various plans with different speeds and GBs of free data. 

In their usual blue and purple hues to reinforce the brand identity, Du’s visuals incorporate the tagline “Welcome to Unlimited National Data Power Plans”, highlighting that it’s only on select offers and that it includes 5G, alongside their website for more information. Various, random objects are scattered on the billboards, such as a dinosaur, a spaceship, an astronaut, a football player and a hijabi woman, with multiple dimensions of different settings that dazzle the audience’s eyes and spark curiosity. 

Du’s campaign is fairly new, spreading in the first week of June in Dubai and Sharjah through Bridge Billboards, Uni-Pole, Digital Screens, Mega Com and Lampposts. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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