Following their prior appearance at Cairo’s OOH Arena, NAIA BAY is back once again with a summer surprise. As always, the esteemed real estate developer Jumeirah Egypt Real Estate sets forth a  lively and tempting outdoor campaign preparing for the launch of the season, HALI, The floating townhouses. 

Through the creative new campaign, NAIA BAY announces that for the first time in Ras El Hekma, crystal blue lagoons are beneath your feet, only a step away at HALI. The ad spaces reflect just that, different people enjoying a peaceful sunny day with crystal blue waters beneath their feet. For anyone seeking the peaceful sounds of the tides in the blue horizons all day every day. 

NAIA BAY’s vibrant and colourful aura is highlighted in their ads as usual, in addition to a simple sneak peek at what is expected soon. The ad copy notes NAIA BAY’s hotline for further information. 

Check out Monitoring Out of Home (MOOH), a specialist media intelligence agency and analysis system active in Cairo & Dubai, to learn more about NAIA BAY’s campaign.  

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