We are back with our monthly analysis and report designated to monitor the OOH scene precisely and dynamically, showing that the advertising scene has seen another retraction in the last month of April. 

Coinciding with the holy month of Ramadan, which usually achieves a giant leap in terms of outdoor advertising, the overall number of campaigns for April has dropped to 131, with 66 new versus 65 running campaigns, slightly decreasing compared to the previous month, which has seen 142 campaigns.

For the fourth consecutive month and since the start of this year, the real estate industry still claims the crown of the OOH scene with 24.9 per cent, followed by the telecommunication industry with 10.9 per cent, while the foodservice industry came in third with 9.9 per cent.

The media & broadcasting has dropped from the Third place to the Seventh place with 6.9 per cent of the OOH ad scene, which is reasonable due to the running of the Ramadan season during April, which is the peak season for most prominent channels to reveal their most anticipated line-up of TV shows for the Ramadan Drama Marathon that usually starts months before. 

According to the data and statistics extracted from our sister company MOOH, it has shown that the market occupancy has slightly increased by 0.5 per cent compared to  March, leaving behind 34.5  Percent of the OOH spaces available for accepting new campaigns 

Visit MOOH, our partnering OOH media intelligence firm and analytics system in Cairo and Dubai, for more information on the campaign budget, OOH types, location, and more. It maintains track of what’s going on with the billboards in terms of advertisers, campaign budgets, media planning, and OOH types, among other things. You can explore the top 20 campaigns that dominated Cairo’s billboards this month through https://insiteooh.com/article/6328-healthy-and-tasty-makes-it-to-the-top-of-aprils-campaigns-chart-as-media-and-real-estate-maintain-powerful-grip-during-ramadan

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