Following their prior appearance on Cairo’s billboards, featuring their aromatic blend, Nescafé, the richest coffee blend in Egypt, pops up once again with a new awareness campaign with 2 different yet striking messages. 

Nescafé’s first message was a recurring one, which was to prepare the audience for Eid el Fitr, encouraging them to start their Eid traditions with Nescafé. The ad spaces hosted a cup of steaming coffee, prepared using the goodness that is Nescafé classic that is also showcased in the ad. The cup is accompanied by a mouthwatering plate of kahk, entailing how you should never miss out on drinking a piping hot cup of coffee alongside your favourite Eid dessert. The ad copy notes the campaign tagline in Arabic “العيد بيبدا مع Nescafé”, displayed on a light blue sky background which is associated with tranquillity and happiness. 

The second message of Nescafé’s campaign was a nation inclusive message, urging every region in Egypt to wake up with Nescafé’s new area sachets. The campaign framework is in Arabic, noted as “اصحي يا منطقه” which translates to “Wake Up, Region”, while tailoring the sachets to multiple regions including Zamalek, Madinat Nasr, New Cairo, Mohandeseen, Alexandria and Port Said. Nescafé’s inclusive new campaign coaxes the audience into waking up and waking up their neighbours. The multichannel campaign sways the audience into trying out their new single package, based on where you live, or where you see yourself best. The ads are extremely dynamic, holding the same theme as the video advertisement which helps in the recognition of the products as well as the campaign. The ads possess a warmer colour palette, using red, orange and brown as their main colour pallet in order to increase visibility as well as the joy and passion of Nescafé. The new sachets are displayed upon a hot cup of freshly made coffee from Nescafé Classic. The ads are simplistic yet informative and very entertaining at the same time, showcasing a glimpse of the video advertising’s vibe.

Check out Monitoring Out of Home (MOOH), a specialist media intelligence agency and analysis system active in Cairo & Dubai, to learn more about Nescafe’s new campaigns. 

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