Fans and lovers of Music will have the unprecedented opportunity of attending International British R and B singer Craig David's latest performance in Egypt but have you ever seen a musical performance that requires attendees to earn their tickets? This is exactly what will be happening during this particular performance which is a part of a huge festival that requires attendees to earn their tickets through walking, or running.

On May 13 at Mountain View Chill Out Park on the 6th of October City, West of Cairo, the event will kick off at 3 pm, and the first run will start at 5 pm. In the beginning, the event will include a 5KM run and after every 1.5KM, runners will be eligible to attend a live musical performance. 

The event is organized by Boost’s "Run Up the Beat," a music and fitness festival that is taking place for the first time in the Middle East. The international singer will be waiting for participants at the finish line himself as part of a concept he started in 2012 and has since become a signature of his.

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