British luxury department store Harvey Nichols rises once again on Dubai’s billboards following their prior appearance back in January. Their newest feature highlights their new Spring/Summer 2022 collection with the tagline “Be The Vision”, inviting the audience to step into an ultra-modern perspective and be their own visionary.

The ad spaces host stylish models rocking the Spring/Summer 2022 collection captured against an artistic setting in order to create a bold, fashion-forward, and contemporary look. The subtlety of the shots add a polished vibe to the ad space, further pointing out the collection’s refined energy. The ad copy displays the brand’s logo in addition to a mention of their biggest branch in the Mall of the Emirates, all upon a white background for a fresh and smooth display. 

The Spring/Summer 2022 collection launch is fairly new, having been released in the second week of April in the form of Hoardings on Dubai’s Billboard.

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