The governmental agency responsible for the postal service, Egypt Post, has released an outdoor campaign, depicting El Hadaba Amr Diab on Cairo's billboards after its most recent OOH campaign.   

The esteemed entity, Egypt Post, has collaborated with the megastar Amr Diab to be the brand ambassador. The visuals incorporate integrated TV ad shots that portray El Hadaba. The advert revolves around the motto of “It’s Your Time” which is localized in Arabic  “ده وقته” revealing the secret of success.

On the other hand, the campaign is under the slogan "the Secret" or “El Ser”, which explains how to thrive in whatever you're passionate about. Therefore, Amr Diab is an opportune choice since everyone wants to know his secret to all of his success and his young look, so this is the reason why this campaign went viral all over social media platforms.  

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