ValU has turned up on the OOH scene in Cairo, post their last appearance for SHA2LABAZ. In this instance, the mobile application is promoting SHA2LABAZ once again, their cashback service. 

This service includes “10% cashback without limits”, or “بدون حد اقصي “as seen on the orange-toned billboard. ValU prove their powerful position in the market with the tagline “"قسط اللي مايتقسطش مع فاليو. The brightly-colored, plain background leaves attention to the words with their tempting prepositions. In another visual, they remind people that with SHA2LABAZ, their money will be returned with 10% cashback on top of it with an illustration describing the process by arrows. In a pop of blue, the information is accompanied by an image of money whizzing as it goes back to the payer. 

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Mobile Apps

Brand: ValU

Advertiser: EFG Hermes

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Cashback | SHA2LABAZ | ValU

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