It's been a long time since The beach, Dubai’s most visited go-to hangout place has made its way through Dubai’s OOH Arena, and now its promoting its unique cuisine experience!

With over 66,000 square feet of restaurants and outdoor terraces overlooking the glittering waters of the Arabian Gulf, the Pavilion is the perfect spot for an all-year round dining and relaxation experience.

Whether you want to watch stunning views of Ain Dubai with the cool breeze on your skin or want to escape the midday summer sun, the Pavilion sets a new benchmark for casual dining and entertainment destinations.

The billboard features friend enjoying their time together at the pavilion along with a variety of 6 restaurants name below them which are Akiba Dori which is an acclaimed Japanese street food concept, Buur which is a germany cafe, Clawing BBQ which is an american diner, Eataly at the beach which is an italian cuisine, Hurricane’s grill and bar which is a steakhouse and finally La Mezcaleria which is international cuisine restaurant and finally a statement to go with the billboard’s mood wich is “Enjoy your lunch with a punch” “تحلو الأجواء مع مشروب و غداء” 

The billboard was distributed across Digital Screens in Dubai.

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