The high jewelry brand, Cartier, has released a short poetic film titled “Togetherness Is A Jewel” on Digital Screens (DOOH) across Dubai’s most vibrant neighborhoods, after its latest OOH campaign.       

The luxurious brand wanted to celebrate the spirit of togetherness, sharing, generosity, and spending cherished moments with your beloved ones this Ramadan. The campaign incorporates the Saudi actress and filmmaker, Fatima Al Banawi while reciting a poem with her mellifluous voice to pay a homage to the occasion of the holy month. 

Meanwhile, the outdoor campaign depicts other friends of the Maison, like Ramla Ali, Abdulla Al Kaabi, and Moath Alofi wandering solo in the vast desert space before joining to celebrate together, as an analogy for people coming from different pathways to celebrate the holy month by spending time with loved ones, as Ramadan is the month where reunites family, friend, and those nearest to our hearts.

This campaign emerged in the first week of April, taking over the Digital Screens in Dubai to pay a tribute to the holy month

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